Month: March 2022

The Power of Common Life: Action: People, Place, Planet

I want to start by saluting the community of practice and expertise which has been built through the event which took place recently on The Power of Collaborative Action: People, Place, Planet. I value enormously the work of NCACE in convening this group, and Research England and David Sweeney’s leadership in supporting this inspired initiative. … Continued

A new model for citizen led research?

What if citizens were not seen merely as beneficiaries of research but were instead considered as leaders and initiators? At a recent NCACE ‘What if?’ event, facilitated by Suzie Leighton, we explored the theoretical and practical implications of this question. The concept for this event had emerged from a year-long conversation between Robert Crawshaw and Bambo … Continued

NCACE Annual Report 2020/21: Activities, collaborations and lessons learnt

We are delighted to present our NCACE Annual Report 2020/21, providing an informative overview of our first year outcomes involving more than 1,200 people who came together in a dozen events and activities covering our key five areas of work. Our first chapter highlights the key involvement of our Regional Partners in our work on … Continued