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100 ways to cook pasta.

By March 2020 the United Kingdom was in lockdown, as a pandemic swept the world. By Summer 2020, A-Level exams had been cancelled. By August algorithmic grades were announced, swiftly followed by a set of teacher grades. Places were secured, or offered, at universities, accommodation was sorted, hopes were high; daily Covid-19 cases were down … Continued

The KEF 2021 narratives and what they tell us about HEIs’ engagement with the arts and cultural sector

Word Cloud of the words pertaining to the arts and cultural sector.

Higher education institutions (HEIs) engage intensively with the arts and cultural sector. However, evidence about this engagement is very often partial and scattered, which makes it difficult to appraise the real importance of this phenomenon. Lack of systematic evidence also makes it harder for practitioners and academics to advocate for the importance and impact of partnerships and other forms of engagement between HEIs and arts and culture.

Around the Kitchen Table

Ruth Soroko, Eat Club

For five weeks during the 2021 summer holidays, the youth cooking charity Eat Club teamed up with partners from the Kings Cross Knowledge Quarter to deliver a unique cook and eat programme, themed around each partner’s work.

Findings Ways to Collaborate: In the Eye of the Storm

This blog entry will provide a vignette of a key moment within a project entitled ‘Hear Me Out’, a response to urgency to connect families and patients in hospital who tested positive for COVID-19 in moments of grief.

Harnessing the Power of Student Knowledge Exchange

The Bridge 0.43

In 2020, The University of Plymouth became one of twenty institutions to be awarded funding from the Office for Students and Research England funding competition, designed to explore the impact of student involvement in knowledge exchange.