Month: February 2022

How does academic research generate arts and culture-related impact?

While the Research and Excellence Framework (REF) has been devised primarily as an instrument to assess the quality of university research and of institutional research environments, the information collected is rapidly proving an invaluable source of qualitative information about the type of research that universities do, and how this generates real-world impact. In particular, the … Continued

Cultural Knowledge Exchange and the Climate Emergency

On 20th January 2022, NCACE hosted the fifth Evidence Café under the title ‘Cultural Knowledge Exchange and the Climate Emergency’. NCACE aims to build a more comprehensive evidence base around knowledge exchange (KE) between Higher Education and the arts and culture sectors. The Evidence Café is hosted within the context of the Evidencing and Impact … Continued

NCACE supports four Micro-Commissions to co-create a new and different future for Arts/Culture and Higher Education collaborations

Following on from the NCACE Ideas Pool Open Call ‘Co-Creating a New and Different Future for Arts / Higher Education Collaboration’ in the Autumn of 2021, inviting NCACE Micro-Commission applications, the team is delighted to announce that four awards have been allocated to university and arts/cultural sector partnerships this January 2022.  Outcomes from the four … Continued