Month: January 2024

Knowledge exchange has always been at the heart of music conservatoires, but do current metrics accurately reflect the richness of these KE environments?

Knowledge exchange is a term used to describe a variety of activities that creative higher education institutions have been undertaking for a long time. What we may refer to as outreach, business and community engagement, impact, and / or widening participation, falls under this term, defined by UKRI as ‘universities and other higher education institutions … Continued

How does academic research generate impact through, or on, artistic and cultural activities? An analysis of the 2021 REF impact case studies

The importance of impact arising from, and having effects on, artistic and cultural production While it is broadly acknowledged that academic research should generate real-world impact, the discourse often focuses on impact arising from academic knowledge feeding into technological and business innovation; much less so on the impacts that involve, either as means or outcomes, … Continued