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The NCACE Evidence Repository is concerned with addressing the need for more and better evidence on the scale, extent, nature, drivers, and broader impacts of Knowledge Exchange and collaborations between Higher Education and the arts and culture sectors. It is a unique and carefully curated resource of materials that includes NCACE publications, academic literature as well as case studies, reports, toolkits and blogs. NCACE’s broader work around Evidence comprises three interrelated areas: NCACE Evidence Repository, NCACE Evidence Café and Policy Workshops, and NCACE Blogs.

Our Evidence Repository is a unique and carefully curated resource of materials relating to knowledge exchange and collaborations between Higher Education and the arts and cultural sector. It includes all of the NCACE Publications which document our work on evidencing the drivers, nature and impact of cultural collaborations, as well as academic literature, reports, articles, toolkits and blogs.


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Latest NCACE Publications

Evidence Café and Policy Workshops

The NCACE Evidence Café was launched in March 2021 as an online community of practice for those from HE and the arts and cultural sectors. It is a space for evidence and information sharing through presentations, storytelling and takeovers. Sessions each have a loose theme, with previous Cafés covering topics including: placemaking, REF2014, KEF2021, Climate and Environment and Health. Recordings of previous events can be found here.

We also hold an annual NCACE Policy Workshop as a platform for cross-sector conversations, information-sharing and evidence building around a specific policy theme. Our first workshop, Collaborations in Placemaking: Shining a Light on the Contribution of Higher Education and Cultural Partnerships, was held in June 2021. The second workshop, Culture and Collaborations on the Climate Emergency took place in June 2022. The third workshop Collaborations in Creative Health took place in June 2023. Recordings of the workshops can be accessed here.


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